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(*Live-taping access included for those who buy SOULCIAL access.)

The Spark Summit is the inspired place where believers can push past their personal and professional fears while gaining the courage to take their dreams from paper to reality. 

At the Spark Summit, learn how to discover your powerhouse voice as well as how to design and sustain a lifestyle rooted in Christ.


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  • COVID-19
    Please be aware that we are monitoring COVID-19 and all of it's regulations. We are making sure every trip is protected if changed by these circumstances. Please get insurance on all flights and you have any questions, email Please keep yourself healthy and updated by visiting here
  • What's a mastermind?
    A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.
  • Will I have to do work?
    During this time, we will be using a workbook created by A'darah. This workbook will prompt you to journal, self-explore, organize, and create the life you deserve.
  • When should we depart?
    It is suggested that you depart on the 20th of October to arrive in time on the 21st. After receiving your flight details, let us know immediatly if your scheduled to arrive at the hotel in the middle of the night, or before check-in. We will make arrangements for you.
  • What time should we arrive?
    We know arrival times will vary based on the city of depature. It is encouraged to get to the hotel in enough time to rest before dinner at 6pm.
  • It says all-inclusive. Exactly how many meals are provided?
    Self-served breakfast included every morning. Two addtional meals, one for lunch and the other for dinner will be provided at the resort and differnt locations.
  • Is transporation included?
    Flights are not included, however we will provide round ground transportaion from the airport, and to all activities.
  • What's the dress attire?
    This is where you perfectly curate every picture opportunity. Choose fun, chic, and comfortable clothing for each experience. Remember, there will be cameras flashing always! Your bag should include: gym shoes, sandals, and sunscreen
  • What types of activities will there be?
    We have a fun and relaxing schedule planned for you all! From the famous bali swing, to touring the rice plains, you will see and experience a little bit of everything.
  • Will we need immunizations?
    We are currently waiting on information to make sure everyone will be properly protected.
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