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*New* Non-Alcoholic Conversation Starter — For Bitter For Worse

Updated: Apr 19

For Bitter For Worse makes complex cocktails with love, not alcohol. For Bitter For Worse exists to create a healthier, more inclusive culture. Winner of 18 international medals to date, our woman-owned, disability-owned brand also has the cleanest label in the category.

“For Bitter For Worse is inspired by our long, sparky marriage and love for celebration. 

A whale-watching trip on the Salish Sea led to an obscure neurological malady with a fantastic French name…As a result of this health challenge, Shelley broke up with booze.

She’s our Taste Maven. She drew from years of experience as a cocktail enthusiast to create her own nuanced non-alc recipes. Jeff’s our Reverse Bootlegger. He invented our patent-pending process and converted Shelley’s recipes to scalable formulas. For Bitter For Worse has been starting parties since 2020!”

A word from our Founder: Shelley is ah-mazing! Women supporting women will never get old. I knew once I even found her beverage company, we had to give it a try. Our members got to indulge in the Rose Fizz and we collectively agree it's a hit! We made mocktails, cocktails, and everything in between. It's truly refreshing to take back control of our intake.

Our Values

For sober folks and those who are simply cutting back on booze, For Bitter For Worse embraces occasion and community, inviting opportunity for richer relationships. We aim to create a healthier, more inclusive culture.

Our Manifesto

  • Our drinks come from real plants

  • Our drinks value labor

  • Our drinks are for those who want to get real

  • Our drinks are for those who haven’t had a place at the table

  • Our drinks invite you to be free

  • Our drinks are for those who are building a new table

  • Our drinks are your drinks

  • Come sit at our table

Reverse Bootlegging

For Bitter For Worse drinks are in direct response to the too-sweet mocktail. We craft cocktails for the sophisticated adult palate.


We macerate a proprietary blend of herbs and botanicals in neutral alcohol and water to extract the flavors.


Using a still, we remove the alcohol using our patent-pending “reverse bootlegging” process. This creates our robust, bitter spirit base.


We mix our spirit base with decoctions, juices, and syrups made from Pacific Northwest ingredients.

Our drinks contain no added flavors—“natural” or otherwise—and they’re low carb, sweetened with pure monk fruit, wine grape nectar, or maple syrup. Simply put, they’re delicious AF.


Rose City Fizz

Our playful, fruit-forward sparkler. It's like drinking a berry-infused kiss. WE TASTE: Berries, Ginger, Vacation.

Pack of four cans. Contains 45 calories, 10g sugar, 12g carbohydrate per can (6.3 oz, 187 ml)

Contains 57% juice. Contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume and 45 calories, 10g sugar, 12g carbohydrate per 6oz can Contains no milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, fish, crustacean shellfish, or soybeans


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Lastly, A Receipe - Emmeline's Fizz

Inspired by a bold and brave suffragist, Emmeline Pankhurst, who organized the suffragette movement in the UK and whose efforts led to the voting rights for women in that country.


  • 4 oz For Bitter For Worse Rose City Fizz 

  • ½ egg white

  • 3 dashes El Guapo Love Potion bitters


  • Dry shake the first two ingredients

  • Shake with ice (careful, it’s fizzy!)

  • Fine strain and top with 3 dashes bitters 

  • Garnish with a candied hibiscus flower

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