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Portrait Against Green Wall

A Community For Forward Thinkers, Blueprint Makers, and Master Creatives

The WM Membership is for women who daily tap into their multi-disciplinary skills to create advanced opportunities for those they are called to. We desire to take an intuitive approach to our ideas, staying close to evolution and the opportunities for inward expansion. 

Dedicated Agendas

Exchange real-time value. Explore the four courses that stimulate consistent results. Your table will meet monthly to get specific about challenges, trends, and transformation. Your assigned hosts will conduct fair exchanges and encourage revolutionary thinking.

We Are Leaders, Directors, and On-The-Rise CEOs, Leading Inside Million-Dollar Enterprises

Collectively, we have been recognized by companies like Forbes, ESPN, TedX, Business Insider, and more.

Becoming a Member

We have created an ecosystem for women leaders to access critical resources through each other’s success journeys. Our membership is designed for maximum results, propelling near-sighted advancement and generating long-lasting relationships and achievements.

Smiling Portrait

Apply For The WM Membership Community

The goal is for you to consistently operate in your God-given capacity, and have space to prioritize balance through life's adventures.

Member Benefits

  • Community of women alike

  • Premium access to events and collaborations

  • Tailored conversations online and off

  • Affiliate benefits

  • Financial solutions

  • Mental health resources

  • Raffles and give-a-ways

  • Curated experiences

  • Podcast, blog, and social media features

  • Endless memories

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