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What you do is your ministry and your chance to do life at full capacity.

noun: amplitude; plural noun: amplitudes

the maximum extent of a vibration or oscillation, measured from the position of equilibrium

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The goal is for you to consistently operate in your God-given capacity, and have space to prioritize balance through life's adventures.


Unravel The Different Layers Of You

We sometimes do not know what the possibilities are, because we are unaware of the capacity we hold. Multiple layers of You require different needs, and with the right tools, can unlock spaces where there is more.

Imagine escaping what's comfortable and familiar, and launching yourself into what’s challenging yet, fulfilling. 

Undescribable Love

Irresistible Adventure

Endless Joy

You are worth everything you dream of because they are evidence of God's compassion.

When you SHIFT your focus from the “things” that aren't fulfilling and tap into the possibilities of the things that are, you unfold the not-so-mystery of your greatness which allows us together to awaken and achieve the impossible.

You're Not Just Your Gifts and Talents: You're Anointed to Create Shifts...


You've reached a level of success, people know your name, and your bills are getting paid but, it doesn't feel complete. You've been too afraid to shift your conversation to include what you believe, not knowing it's exactly what "your people" need.

What if I told you, you can uplevel the quality of your life by shifting the way you show up and serve, integrating what you believe in your business, and increasing your impact and outcomes through your unique story?





There is a special space God has reserved for you to shine, and transformation shouldn't be exhausting and ineffective. I'm the assurance you need to confidently map out and move into your more without losing momentum.

Your gifts are the line of communication God utilizes to serve the people you're called to .

Ivy Wilcher


Your next level is on the other side of your “yes.”

Here is how I help you show up:

Explore The Deeper dimension of your assignment

There is a space you desire to serve on a deeper level. With my help, we will unravel what that "thing" is, tap into your unique voice, and communicate the extension of your calling confidently.

Uplevel Your Amplitude and Serve without Burnout

You already know how to access success, but this next thing has to fit on your already full plate. I will help you design your roadmap to produce maximum level results while maintaining your balance, if not more.

Unleash the full expression of yourself:

Come from behind your brand, and show up in invited spaces faithful and full. I will walk with you for 30 days to implement your process, supervise your come up, and connect you to resources that go beyond this space.


Access the life you've dreamed of, that collided perfectly with God's word. Your time is always now.

$2997 for 3 months

Includes: A VIP day, 6 coaching sessions, and special pricing for our 2024 retreat.

Rosemary Martin


​There is space for you to do it all well. Our goal is to help you shape the way you see yourself as a CEO, so you can access your highest-intentions and be the the confident leader that consistently shows up and serves well.

We advocate for balance. You need systems and strategies to operate in their God-given capacity’s without the burnout. We aim to teach you how to prioritize, maximize, and realize all you can do and become through strategic operations.

Our mission is built on connections. At WM, our main goal is to put you in front of women who can elevate your next steps. But, also, vice versa. We are creating a space for expert peer-mentorship where everyone’s voice is not only heard, but needed.

You cannot thrive in your new season, with the old season's affirmations.


Dara Adams


Stuck? Been there? Feeling like there is more? Story of my life. Throughout my 10-year entrepreneurial journey, I found myself wanting to get back to where it all started--mentorship and service. But, there was one issue, my plate was full. 

When I went back over all the things I was doing in life, I found the spaces that were taking too much of my time, nothing allowing me to live the life I desired, and drained me of the space I needed to thrive.

Once I figured out the algorithm of amplitude, I adjusted my life to run on the values that allow me optimal freedom.

I am excited to be your mentor in this season, and I believe transformation will happen when we partner with God.

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